Who is Rocket Roj??

Rocket Roj is Rogie Ramilo. I started art-related career as Architectural draftsman during the 80's but eventually shifted to my first love which is fine arts. I became Animator during the 90's where my first participation is with Marvel's X-Men TV series. When graphics software Adobe Photoshop was born, I was among the pioneer artists who shifted to graphics where I landed to working as designer to various advertising agencies.
Soon found myself in love with comics and magazine and became Creative Director in Publishing. Keeping my pace to learn anew and explore more, soon I got engaged to designing 3d products and most rewarding was becoming a toy designer for Marvel and Warner Bros. Some toys I made were Iron Man, Ultron, Rocket of Guardians of the Galaxy and more. In my almost 3 decades professional career as an artist, I was able to become Comics and Books Illustrator, 2d Animator, Cartoonist, Graphics Designer, Layout Artist, Product Designer, and now as Toy maker which started as a hobby. Life to me is like the universe. We should not stop exploring to increase nobility. When there are new things trending which I didn't know, I just continue to believe that learning is a lifetime process and I can always create whatever I can imagine.
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