Pre Order Status

Please note that this is ESTIMATED and subject to change without prior notice. ETAs below are based from our US and Local supplier's info.

Item might be available with other retailer already. However, be advised that we are not in control of the production and shipping delays. Rest assured that our pre orders are confirmed and guaranteed, unless Funko will cancel the restock or the production of a certain item.

Cancellation of Pre Order will forfeit your downpayment as we are also charged by our supplier. However, we are still offering refund on some of the items depending on the extent of delay.

Item Name Estimated Arrival Remark
Boa, Usopp & Frankie (restock) 2nd Quarter 2023 Open for Refund
Cheshire GITD BAM Exclusive 1st Quarter 2023  
Classic Hawkeye PX Exclusive 1st Quarter 2023  
Dark Wanderer GITD Gamestop 1st Quarter 2023  
Gossamer PIAB Exclusive 1st Quarter 2023  
IG-88 (Deluxe) GameStop 1st Quarter 2023  
Majin Buu with Pop Tee GameStop 1st Quarter 2023  
Maleficent Dragon GITD 10" Amazon 1st Quarter 2023  
Rex Boxlunch Exclusive 1st Quarter 2023 Open for Refund
Sabo 1st Quarter 2023
Sasuke Chase Bundle AAA 1st Quarter 2023 Open for Refund
Shinra GITD Boxlunch waiting Restock Open for Refund
Spider Man Japanese PX Chase Bundle 1st Quarter 2023 Open for Refund
Thor (Zombie) GITD EE 1st Quarter 2023  
Warduke GameStop Exclusive 1st Quarter 2023  
Yennefer BAM Exclusive 1st Quarter 2022 Open for Refund